When the local club goes down, one would expect the drunks and the junks to call it a bad day and wait until it opens — but they aren’t here anymore. Where did they go? In a dark place filled with flashing lights, public tubs, and parties, that’s where. Not to forget the drinks, too!

Most of its clients are disordered, confused, wear clothes the wrong way, and some even lost body parts. The diverse range of individuals inside its membership program allow for a better arrangement of community-driven events without cause for judgement. While being a member of the Nostalgic Apes Cassette Club already entails benefits in itself, participating in community challenges and events grants you more perks as well, all while having fun.

The Window Plaza is a secret area in the club that can overlook everything, from top to bottom, without any corners or blind spots missed. Peace and order are still maintained inside the club, but who is it that stands atop?

If you want to see the next level, you can mint the Nostalgic Apes and grant them access to the next level, such as the arcade, casino, and the so-called funhouse.
Only 10,000 Nostalgic Apes can be minted and owning just one grants you a club membership.
What are you waiting for? Join the club, party, and have fun!

About Nostalgic Apes

Collection of 10,000 Nostalgic Apes, created on the Ethereum Blockchain, is unique and randomly generated from 202 traits, some of them are exclusive and rare than rarer

Each figure has unique utility usage and is designed that way to provide exclusive access and rewards to its holder according to rarity. As much unique your figure is, as many benefits you can gain in Nostalgic Apes Cassette club.

What is Cassette Club?

Cassette Club is the owner and the governor of the Nostalgic Apes Metaverse. Holding the Nostalgic Ape grants you access to our exclusive community. Each member will have voting rights and access on all benefits.

Your avatar opens digital doors for you and you will be able to experience an unforgettable journey in Nostalgic Apes Metaverse.

We are building something great and different, where we govern and earn together!


Our plans moving forward into Future.

Step 1

Nostalgic Apes cassette club is open. Each member will have exclusive and primary access on
all our events, initiatives and projects

Step 2

Airdrop of 10 pre minted rare Nostalgic Apes to the random holders

Step 3

Exclusive merch drops. 20 most active members will receive full collection free of charge

Step 4

Nostalgic Apes worldwide private events and collaborations. Attract new whales and promote upcoming projects to increase the value of Nostalgic Apes NFT

Step 5

Nostalgic Apes Innovative Game… Play-to- Win or Rent-to-Earn!

In the Nostalgic Apes game, you can play and win prizes. Besides that, you will have option to rent your avatar to others and make passive income.

You will be able to withdraw prizes or upgrade your avatar and earn more while renting.
There will be daily rewards for leaderboard top players and avatar renters.

Step 6

Nostalgic Apes marketplace!

Nostalgic Ape holders will be able to buy, sell, reserve or rent NFT free from any charge (gas fee only). This will be the marketplace for Fractionalized NFTs too, in simple words, you will be able to buy or sell small pieces of NFT and become a partial owner of the token (NFT). This gives an opportunity for groups to buy one NFT and share exclusive access, benefits and perks in Nostalgic Apes cassette club.


The idea of Nostalgic Ape NFT is designed by 3 friends, who set out to create an ecosystem which will be strengthened by the Nostalgic
Apes private club members and will have multiple utility usage.
So far 15 professionals are working on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a Nostalgic Ape you're a certified early supporter, it means you have an exclusive access on all our benefits and perks. In other words, you will be able to sell your NFT or keep it for some time and earn passive income. Additional benefits are in our road map.

We will announce it on our discord, so be active and stay updated


Each Nostalgic Ape is unique and generated from over the 202 traits, some of them are rarer than rare

We offer fair price for all apes: 0.007 ETH + gas fees